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Alien Inspired Wax Melt.

We offer a captivating dupe wax melt inspired by the iconic "Alien" perfume by Thierry Mugler, a fragrance that has mesmerised women worldwide since its launch in 2005. Our version seeks to capture the essence of this extraordinary scent, delivering an accessible option for those who adore its luxurious and otherworldly aura.

The original "Alien" is an Amber Woody fragrance renowned for its rich and potent notes. The top note of Jasmine Sambac offers a deeply floral and intoxicating aroma, while the middle note of Cashmeran brings a warm, woody, and slightly musky undertone. The base note of Amber provides a cosy, deep, and resinous finish, creating an overall aura of mystery and sophistication.

Our dupe wax melt is crafted to evoke these same intense and rich notes, aiming to bring the mysterious and radiant vibe of "Alien" into your home. As the wax gently melts, it releases a fragrance that mirrors the strength and creativity celebrated by the original perfume, embodying the essence of a Solar Goddess - radiant, sensual, and powerful.

We understand the importance of sustainability, much like Mugler's commitment seen through their refillable bottles. Our wax melts offer an environmentally friendlier way to enjoy exquisite scents, reducing waste and encouraging a more sustainable way of living.

While we provide a scent inspired by this extraordinary perfume, we invite you to explore the full "Alien" experience by visiting the official Thierry Mugler website. There, you can discover more about the inspiration behind the fragrance, its commitment to sustainability, and the full range of sizes and options available.

An elixir of sensuality and femininity with cashmeran wood, jasmine, and white amber. Similar in style and identity to the popular fragrance by Thierry Mugler.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with this designer brand.

Superior quality natural coconut wax melts - UK-made and hand-poured.

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